Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Upside-Down Map

In this age of GPS, we have lost sight of some of the simple pleasures of highway navigation.

Such as the Upside-Down Map.

Esso produced this particular map in 1964 and graciously provided this explanation:

"Nearly all road maps point North. But we've found that many travelers turn their maps upside down when going South. It helps them to know whether to turn right or left. Naturally it's hard to read anything upside down.  So Esso has designed this special map for the increasing number of drivers who go South each season. Florida-bound motorists need not turn this map upside down — it's pointed the direction they're headed. Town names, route numbers, state names are right side up, easy to read and follow. Your route South is clearly before you.  Of course, when you're heading back North you'll want our regular Esso map of Eastern United States, on which this map is based. Before you start, or along your way, pick up a copy. Put it in your glove compartment. Enjoy Yourself."