Thursday, September 11, 2008

See the Presidential Race on a Big 20" Picture

As we approach the dawn of all-digital television, it's sometimes hard to believe that America's love affair with television is just a little over six decades old. The 1952 presidential election was the first to really extend into Americans' homes via television, and Westinghouse used that as an advertising hook as this magazine ad reflects.


John G said...

This is great. My kids jave no idea what "flip over" is. Thanks for the reminder!

Paul Duca said...

It was during the Westinghouse spots aired during the 1952 convention coverage that Betty Furness came to public attention (but it was another woman who had the famous blooper when the refrigerator door wouldn't open).

Bonus: "You can be sure...if it's Westinghouse" was coined by a company secretary in an employee contest--winning the $50 prize. I have a friend whose mother worked alongside this unsung heroine of popular culture.