Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Architecture of Las Venus

Las Venus represented an over-the-top interpretation of Las Vegas when it appeared on an episode of The Jetsons in 1962. The show featured three different casino-hotel resorts:

The Supersonic Sands.

The Flamoongo.

And the Las Venus Venus (whose headline act was Dean Martian.)

Though retaining some of the Googie characteristics of other Jetsons architecture, the Las Venus resorts were more in the nature of programmatic design, with the buildings taking on the forms of oversize gambling props such as poker chips, dice and a roulette wheel. The Supersonic Sands and the Flamoongo were send-ups of actual Las Vegas establishments: the Sands and the Flamingo.


randy said...

I don't know if this is from this same Jetsons episode, but I remember either George or Jane mention another Las Venus headliner, "Wayne Neutron". This could be from the Jetsons' 1985 first-run revival.